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Reflection on Arches.

When I visited Ireland in 2012 I saw so many arches, in churches and ruins of abbeys, in castles, windows, bridges and walls. Each arch carried with it a story. Each arch opened to some new, enticing mystery or adventure that stirred my soul, piqued my curiosity, and begged that I walk through to learn more of what it had to share.

Art is like that. Each photo, painting, drawing, song or literary work invites us to enter in and seek out the story it tells.

In choosing an arch as my “mark” I, too, invite you to enter and journey with me to new stories, new adventures for your eyes, mind, heart and soul.

The photo on my “Welcome” page shows a series of arches from an entrance at a gateway at Ashford Castle, one of Ireland’s most beautiful castles. Of all my arch photos, this is one of my favorites. It leads deeper and deeper into a world you can’t imagine, you must walk through and experience. Don’t be afraid!  Enter!

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