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I recently wrote this poem after spending an afternoon with friends and viewing new parts of my city:

Seed Tuft In Breeze

February sunlight casts
a soft yellow glow on
a winter brown and
dirty world. The city
feels tired, neglected,
broken houses line
forgotten streets while
several blocks away
renewal has taken root
like a new branch grafted
into a dying tree, hope
just within reach yet
still light years away.
Change tosses branches
in neighborhood trees
like an uneasy wind
portending a storm the
weatherman does not know
how to forecast, scent
of clean air pushing hard
to permeate stale,
too early for spring yet
trees are forming new buds,
I wonder how long they will last.
Valentine heart hung on
highway wall shines in
sunlight, but still feels
old. Seed tuft clings to
branch in breeze like
remnant this world is
not yet ready to let go of.

© Sinéad Tyrone 2017


Following is the title poem from my poetry book Fragility:


Milkweed seedpod floats by on summer breeze,
silky white against azure sky,
teasing in its lazy journey,
“Come, follow me!”

As children, we were taught such floating seedpods
carried wishes to some magic place
where they would be granted.
How many times did I catch one,
hold its fragile fingers in my hand,
whisper dreams into its seedpod ears,
and cast it into the air, to carry my hopes
and dreams to the Master Granter.

I struggle to remember a single one that came true.

I am grown up now,
dreams are rare commodities.
Clay feet do not break free so easily,
tie me to earth,
suffer me to watch as milkweed seedpods float by.
I gaze at them until they are no longer visible
against the summer sky,
then turn my hands back to more practical things.

© Sinéad Tyrone 2015

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  1. Joyce Grinewich #

    Your poetry is alive – preserving moments forever….

    December 11, 2013
    • I love it when my poems connect with people! I am so grateful for your support, and your beautiful friendship!

      December 11, 2013
  2. Debbie smith #

    All I can say is thank you……Your poetry is amazing…..

    July 5, 2014
  3. Susan Hermiston #

    Beautiful writing as always!!! Brings back those loving memories!

    November 7, 2014

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